How To Select The Right Real Estate Agent

When searching for a home or selling a home, selecting the right Real Estate Agent that can be on your side and to represent you in your transaction is of paramount importance.

In legal terms, once you have selected a Real Estate Agent to represent you, that person is an extension of you. Everything that agent does on your behalf is as if it is your action and your reaction, so it is very important to interview an agent and do your checks to see if this is the person that you can trust to be your personal representative.

Buyer and Seller

When choosing an agent, look at the Company that backs them. A big Company, with training programs and a support system of knowledgeable people should be an important part of your decision to work with them, but not the only decision. The right Real Estate Agent is important too.

How do you select the right REALTOR®?


  • Interview a few agents, the slickest dressed agent with the best presentation portfolio may not be the right one
  • Ask for their recent sales lists – this will show experience
  • Ask for testimonials and request 3 recent contactable references
  • Look at their marketing plan, what is their personal value proposition. All agents need to act with Honesty and Integrity, what else can they offer you besides that?
  • Do they have a team of people to support them or are they acting on their own?
  • If they work on their own, who is going to ensure that the marketing is done on a sellers home?
  • Can the agent show you how their sold list of homes have compared with the original selling price they quoted and how long it took to sell the home?
  • Ask questions – this will show their experience
  • Get referrals from your family and friends – but still interview the agent thoroughly
  • Drive around your area and find the agents with the most boards
  • How knowledgeable is the agent about your neighborhood and your location
  • What does their online presence reflect – what do their social pages look like?
  • Can you find them on the internet easily?
  • Most importantly – do you relate to the agent? Are they your kind of service people? Are they who you would like to represent you and are you confident to entrust your home with them?


  • Check that the agent is licensed
  • Are they a full time agent or part time agent
  • The agent you work with needs to have a great local knowledge. They should know about the
    • Schools
    • Roads
    • Planned shopping centers, malls, highways etc
    • Valued information about the area
  • Your agent of choice should have expertise around assessing the general condition of any property
  • Ask Questions –
    • How long  have you been a realtor?
    • How many homes have you sold?
    • Recent Contactable references
  • Does the agent work in a team or on their own?
  • Who is going to make sure you are getting the latest list of homes for sale?
  • Do they have a good network of professionals that they can recommend – an experienced agent will have a list of great people
  • How will the agent be communicating with you and do they return calls quickly and personally or will you be hearing from a support team member
  • How many people on average are they working with right now –  This will give you a fair idea on how much attention you are going to get from your agent
  • Does the agent appear responsible and are they attentive to your needs
  • They should be good listeners

Choosing the right real estate agent is very important when buying or selling a home. The best agent for the job, is the one you feel most comfortable working with. Do your ‘homework” and feel confident that this person will act in your best interests at all times.

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