Real Estate Team vs Real Estate Solo Agent

Thoughts about Real Estate Teams vs Real Estate Solo Agent

Its often a difficult choice whether to choose to work with a Real Estate Team or whether you should work with a Solo Agent. Its a personal decision at the end of the day, however, here are a few thoughts about working with a real estate team vs working with a solo agent.

Should I work with a Real Estate Team or a Solo Agent?

Team: When you work with a real estate team you have the benefit of many people doing the job for you. Each would have their experience to bring to the team and that is wonderful if you don’t mind dealing with many people. There is generally someone you can talk to at any time in the transaction and for the most part, admin and back up staff will have some knowledge of your transaction.

Single Agent: When you work with a single agent who has control of his/her own transactions, you know that agent needs to be on top of the situation at all times, so they are almost always in control and they are there to assist in the transaction from start to finish. You know who you are calling and even though they may not get to answer your call straight away, they will be your permanent contact person.

The Client Experience

Team: When you work with a team, each member is accountable for their work – however, it is important to know who the Team Leader of that particular team is and find out how ‘hands on’ they are incase the ball gets dropped in the process. Check reviews and ask for contactable references from the last 6 transactions and call and find out how the client experience was.

Single Agent: Look for reviews. Find out how good the agent was on their recent transactions. Were they good through the whole process or which area did they lack strength. Ask for contactable references and see if the solo agent was responsive and pro-active.

Who is Going to Answer Your Call Once Acceptance is Conveyed?

Team: This is an important question. Who is going to answer your questions and take your phone call. Will the agent who did the transaction on your behalf still be your contactable person or do you get allocated a team member to deal with the closing and the paperwork. Teams have a system in place, so be sure you know who your transaction manager is and how to get them directly, including how soon after you call can you expect a response.

Solo Agent: Often a solo agent will use her answering service to take the call if he/she is not able to take it personally. Be sure you ask about the response time and ask whether a text may be an easier option. Often single agents are busy with clients and can find a minute to answer a text more easily than answering a call. Ask what is the best method of contact.

Real Estate Team vs Solo Agent

Team: A team is only as good as their weakest link.  If you choose a team that has been working together for a good while, it is like riding a well oiled bicycle. They get on with the transaction and they know exactly what expectations they have for each other and its smooth sailing as long as everyone is doing their part. Interview your agent and ask many questions, check references and know what to expect.

Solo Agent: A solo agent often has support members within the company that they work for. Sometimes that solo agent may have a transaction co-ordinator who helps him/her with her transaction follow up. The solo agent may also have an assistant who helps on an adhoc or part time basis. It is important for the solo agent to see the transaction through from start to finish, so he/she is generally involved with you from the beginning right to closing.

The Answer

Should you employ a Real Estate Team or a Real Estate Solo Agent. When you interview the agent, ask the appropriate questions, call the LATEST references and check the reviews. Then make your decision.

Gaddy Group

When you employ the Gaddy Group you have the best of both worlds. Michael and Sara Gaddy are a husband and wife “Real Estate Team.” They pride themselves in doing their own work from start to finish. Michael is the registered real estate agent and Sara is the admin and follow up for all the transactions that they do. They are hands on in all areas of their business and they are a great choice when you are looking for a the right real estate agent.

Call Michael or Sara Gaddy and ask about their references and let them work hard to help you buy or sell a home

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