Do You Need a Home Inspection?

Home Inspection – Should You Get One Done?

When purchasing a home, even a new build, we often get asked about the necessity of having a home inspection done on the property. Our recommendation to safeguard you, would be to order one. The initial financial payment aspect certainly outweighs the long term peace of mind.

Home Inspection

One would think that there would be nothing wrong with a brand new home, right? Wrong! New homes are also subject to issues and a Home Inspection can iron out problem areas before you make that final payment and move into the home.

A Home Inspector is not a building inspector. His job is not to make sure that the Builder has done his job. His work is to ensure that your home is safe for you and your loved ones.

The Home inspector will typically do a thorough investigation, checking a multitude of areas and items in and around the property. On his list will be many items including, but limited to,


The Home Inspector will check to see that the plumbing is in a good working condition and that there are no visible leaks. He will check the joints, the type of piping and be sure that the water pressure is good. He will do a thorough investigation of all accessible areas of the plumbing which will give you peace of mind knowing that it all functions well.


All electrical points, the electrical fittings and visible cables, together with the electrical board are thoroughly checked. They need to be legal and in a good state of repair and not a fire hazard for you and your kin.

Heating and Cooling

The HVAC is a very costly item to replace. The Home Inspection report alone would be worth all its money to ensure that you are not going to land up with a replacement bill early in your occupation of the home. Not only will the inspector make recommendations regarding the HVAC, he may suggest it needs servicing or needs to be restored to the correct installation code.


Gas is often an issue in a home. The Home Inspector will check for leaks and issues and see that it will work well without harming your loved ones.

The Hot Water Heater

The inspector will let you know approximately how old the water heater is and when you could expect to replace it. That can be a costly issue so its important to know that this item is not going to be one of the first things you need to spend money on.


The Home inspector will take a thorough look at the structure of the property. He will check the siding and the footings for cracks or sinkage. He will check the crawl space for mold and damp and assess the condition of the general structure of the framework. He will look for evidence of termites and the safety of the building.


The condition of the roof will be assessed and a thorough report on possible issues completed. This includes the state of the rain water gutters and also the chimney. All of which can be a safety issue and a costly repair.

The Home Inspector works for you. His job is to uncover all the issues that could be a reason for you to not close on the home. His list is often significant. Not all repairs need to be done, but its good for you to be aware of them. Sometimes the seller will pay for such repairs, other times he may ask you to accept the home as is. At least if you know what the issues are, you can make a calculated decision about the home purchase. Do lean on your experienced real estate agent who will guide you with their knowledge, helping you to make an informed decision.

Your purchase contract will define what the terms are relating to the home inspection and whether the Seller would be covering the costs or repair.The contract defines whether you would be purchasing the home if the home inspection report is not to your satisfaction. All these items need to be discussed and written into the contract when purchasing the home.

A great buyer’s agent with experience, will assist you with the purchase of your home, walk you through the Home Inspection and make requests and negotiate in your favor. The will be able to write a contract and negotiate to suit your needs.

When working with Michael and Sara Gaddy, you can be sure that you have a great team behind your home purchase. With many years of experience in real estate, your can rest assured that your dream home is exactly that, a dream come true.

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