New Construction Buyers need Representation

January 20th, 2018

New Construction Buyers, Yes, You Do Need Buyer Representation!

New Construction and Buyer Representation

It is a total fallacy to think buyers do not need representation purchasing new construction. New Home Builders regularly tell prospective purchasers that they needn’t employ the services of a real estate as they don’t have anything to do with the construction process. This is incorrect. Your real estate agent is looking after your interests while the New Home Builders agent is looking after his/her best interests.

Real Estate Agents get to hear the good and bad stories about working directly with the builder. Buyers think that they will get the best deal if they work directly with the builder, but that is simply not correct!

Dispelling the Myths

Myth #1 – You will get a better deal if you work directly with the builder in new construction

This is just not true! The builder’s price is set for his construction and he cannot give you a different price or a better deal – if he could, wouldn’t you wonder what quality he may be cutting to give you a better price?  The builder is represented by a marketing team who are there to look after their employer. They are not going to tell you voluntarily if you can have an upgrade on certain items, or if there is cash option towards closing etc

Your Buyers Agent knows what is included in the transaction and where he/she can push the boundaries for inclusions.

Myth #2 – There is a discount if your work with the builders agent

In New Construction, the Builder has made allowance for 3% commission to the Agent representing the Buyer. If there is no Buyer Agent, the marketing team allow you to think that you will be able to negotiate that amount in the construction price. That is not correct. If you managed to get some inclusions into the construction, that would be because they were already included and you just did not know about it. The marketing team are getting both financial sides of the transaction. It would be unrealistic to expect the new home team would have any loyalty to you if the transaction was heading into troubled waters.

Myth #3 – You do not need an appraisal on new construction

This is totally incorrect. You really should consider having an appraisal done on the blue print plans prior to construction. Surely that would be an important decision even when buying new construction

Myth #4 – You do not need a home inspection

Its a brand new home, so nothing can be wrong with it, correct? Incorrect! Most Builders have the best intentions, however, the builders subcontractors or their own contractors cut corners without the builder realizing it. The only person who may know this is the Home Inspector. It will be the best money you spend to have complete peace of mind in the long term. Your Buyers Agent would know you need to have a home inspection done, the builder will not recommend that.

Myth #5 – The contract is fair – its a standard contract

If you are unrepresented in New Construction then who is going to make sure that the building contract fairly represents you the Buyer?  The builder? The New Home Builders Sales Team? Correct – no one. Do you know for no extra fees to you, a Buyers Agent can help look after your transaction. An experienced buyers agent knows how to find hidden costs. A Buyers Agent is a skilled negotiator  who know where you can save money. They also are there to make sure that the Builder meets his commitments and is there to protect you every step of the way. If a Buyers Agent does not cost you more money, why would you not choose to be represented.

If you are considering new construction then employ the services of a real estate agent first. The agent will call on ahead and register you with the Builders Team to make sure they know you are represented and protected.

Choosing the right real estate agent is very important when buying or selling a home. The best agent for the job, is the one you feel most comfortable working with. Do your ‘homework” and feel confident that this person will act in your best interests at all times.

Looking for a great agent? The Gaddy Group are a great choice. We have an office manager, a marketing partner and a finger on the pulse. Buying or Selling in the Greater Charlotte Metro, including Fort Mill, Rock Hill, Lake Wylie and surrounding areas. Contact us 704-975-4651 or email

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2018 Real Estate Market | Charlotte NC

January 4th, 2018

Predictions for Charlotte NC 2018 Real Estate Market

Economists predict positive things for the Real Estate Market in 2018. After scouting a number of articles these are the common denominators showing up

Charlotte NC Real Estate Market - Photo taken from Romare Bearden Park


  1. Real Estate Market will continue to thrive and mortgages will be readily available for those who qualify
  2. Inventory will still be at an all time low and may even worsen
  3. The Millennials are considering a move to the suburbs – some may be getting more serious about life and settling in – with that in mind, they may progress to more affordable housing out of the Cities
  4. People may consider staying where they are and remodeling as confidence in the market is reaching a crescendo and equity in home loans is more readily available. This will also add to the inventory shortage
  5. Real Estate Market Prices are well above what they were in 2007 and this will continue to improve.
  6. New Home sales will increase and the building boom will continue. Builders may look at entry level housing as demand persists.
  7. It is a great time to sell your home – demand and inventory will force prices up even if we don’t see the increases we have over the last year. The prediction is around a 5% increase, just short of the 2017 increases of close to 7%
  8. We may see more property investment buyers as the Real Estate Market keeps growing in confidence and rental returns excel.
  9. First time home buyers will make up a large chunk of buyers as the rental market prices become more exorbitant and the owning becomes a cheaper option
  10. Previously bankrupt buyers from the financial meltdown are now able to buy homes

What does the 2018 Real Estate Market Predictions Mean for the Greater Charlotte NC?

Charlotte NC has always been a great place to live. The City has a growing economy and big business is being lured to the Greater Charlotte NC / Fort Mill SC areas. The lower cost of living is a huge draw card, allowing a wonderful lifestyle and more disposable income due to excellent salaries.

With near ideal weather conditions and the central location to the mountains and the sea, Charlotte NC is definitely a popular choice. The Carolina region boasts fantastic schools and universities and endless work opportunities for graduates. With those ingredients, Charlotte NC real estate is in great demand. Inventory supply is still low and the demand continues to grow driving prices upward. New home communities are mushrooming and the housing boom continues. Mortgages are readily available and there are opportunities for first time home buyers too.

If you are considering a move to the Carolinas, I am your real estate market local. I am available to answer your questions and discuss your real estate options.

If you are considering buying a home in the Carolinas, I am your real estate local. My experience, honesty and loyalty are hard to pass up. Contact Me online or Call Michael a call 704-975-4651 or email let’s talk about your personal needs regarding your home and lifestyle needs and lets work out the best plan to accomplish your goal.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year To You

December 22nd, 2017

Real Estate Market Stats 2017

December 12th, 2017

As the year draws to a close and we look back on the 2017 Real Estate Market Stats, it is great to see the results.

The Real Estate Market Stats Graph below shows the average sales prices on Resale Homes for a year period on Single Family Homes in the Fort Mill, Rock Hill, Tega Cay and Lake Wylie area.

To analyze the graph, the pattern seems to be synonymous with demand. Sellers price their homes in February when the first sign of sunshine and warmer weather arrive and plan for their homes to hit the market ready to sell and move by the beginning of June in time for the close of the school year and the summer vacation. Then as the summer vacation starts the demand and prices drop reaching a low in October.

Once again we see new demand in November and December for those wishing to move closer to family, for better prospects in business, personal reasons and new goal setting for the coming year. Fort Mill sales are reliant on school demand and the home sales in that location get the best results in March thru July according to the Real Estate Market Stats

It’s a great time to sell right now if you have been sitting on the fence.

This Graph below shows New Construction Homes sold over the same period of a year in the same areas.

I wanted to share with you the stats from the MLS that go back to the first recordings of the MLS. Based on these stats the homes are selling at the same prices and higher that before the economic meltdown. I used the rolling map for ease of use.

As we look at the real estate market stats we celebrate another great year in a growing economy.

If you are considering selling or you would like to know the stats for your particular area, please send me an email and giving me your neighborhood and your house specs and I will run a search to suit your needs.

I am working right through the holidays, so please feel free to contact me if you are buying or selling a home.

I look forward to working with you in 2018.

Please give Michael a call 704-975-4651 or email


Great Time To Buy Waterfront Property

November 30th, 2017

I was browsing through the latest listings looking for a waterfront property for a client and I realize just how many bargains there are out there right now.

Why wait until the summer to buy a waterfront property? This is the best time. With serious sellers over the Holiday Season, there are golden opportunities not to be missed. Move into your new waterfront home in time for Spring – or buy a waterfront lot and design an amazing custom design home. Condo’s and Townhomes for perfect lock up and leave.

Waterfront Property Around the Carolinas

Luxury Waterfront Homes

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Waterfront Condo’s and Townhomes

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Waterfront Lots

Click here to view property grid.

If you would like to view waterfront property, I would love to represent you as the buyers agent. Call Michael a call 704-975-4651 or email

Should You Wait For Spring To Sell Your Home?

November 15th, 2017

When is the Best Time to Sell Your Home?

Man figurine with a question mark


Most people believe Spring and Summer are the best times to sell your home and looking at the stats, the most home sales closed in the period from the April through to end of September this year. So perhaps that is the best time to sell your home.. or is it?

Consider this for a moment – if those many homes were on the market during the Spring and Summer maybe prices had to be a little more competitive for the simple fact that there were so many homes to choose from?

What if your home was on the market in the fall and winter with fewer homes to compete with and serious buyers looking, just maybe the fall and winter could add a few hundred dollars to your pocket.

It is true that gardens and neighborhoods look different in the winter months, but its still such a lovely time. Buyers get to take more time to fall in love with your home without the panic buying we have become accustomed to in the Summer months.

During the holiday season there is always a warmth around Thanksgiving and the Christmas decorations through December add a wonderful dimension. Homes always feel cozy and inviting and often the decor is the catalyst to special emotions during the colder months.

Buyers looking for homes in the off-season are serious buyers. They aren’t just taking a look around. The New Year looming often means change, be it work related or personal goal related, and that means buyers are more serious. If your home is one that is on the market over the holiday season, then it just might be the best option for you.

At the end of the day, the best time to sell your home is when it suits you the most. Don’t be scared off by the season, there are buyers around all year long. People move and your home could have the best exposure with less competition in the off-season. Price your home correctly and your home will sell easily and without inconvenience and issues during the Holiday Season

If you are considering selling, my experience, honesty and loyalty are hard to pass up. Contact Me online or Call Michael a call 704-975-4651 or email let’s talk about your personal needs regarding your home and work out the best plan to accomplish your goal.

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10 DIY Projects – Modernize Your Home Without Breaking Your Budget

November 2nd, 2017

10 DIY Projects You Can Do To Modernize Your Home!

Here are 10 DIY Projects you can do on a budget even if  you are not the greatest handyman. Not everybody enjoys do-it-yourself projects, but once you get the hang of DIY you may just find that you not only get things done more efficiently and within a budget, but you could find that you actually enjoy doing some of your own maintenance and projects.

DIY Projects Guy

If you’re a stranger to DIY projects, you need to identify the tools you are able to work with confidently, and then decide what projects you can tackle. Watching a few YouTube video’s on “how to” do a particular project is always a great option. Embrace a few relatively simple skills before you get started in the realm of do-it-yourself endeavors. Categorize essential maintenance and repair tasks and more involved home improvement projects.

Maintenance and repair jobs include things like mending fuses, changing sockets, replacing washers or cartridges to stop taps from dripping, clearing airlocks in heating systems, replacing damaged floorboards, replacing broken floor tiles, oiling and adjusting sliding sash windows or even fitting/re-fitting curtain rails and poles.

Home improvement projects on the other hand are more like mini makeovers, and they may be undertaken indoors or outside. Our top ten DIY projects are:

  • Painting – the quickest and easiest DIY projects that will transform any room in your home.
  • Change the taps on your basin, bath and sink to immediately modernize the look of these functional rooms.
  • Sand old wooden floors and reseal them to give them a new fresh glow.
  • Replace old kitchen cupboard doors for a totally new look, or paint existing ones without spending a fortune on a new kitchen.
  • Remove your popcorn ceiling and replace them with good-looking, solid ceiling-board.
  • Add classic shelving for extra storage; imaginatively and creatively done these will improve your interior design.
  • Wallpaper one wall in your living room to give it a touch of class.
  • Add a timber deck onto the side of your house. This will enable you to live an indoor-outdoor lifestyle in the summer months and give you a great entertainment area too.
  • Once the patio or deck is complete, add a pergola or canopy to the area so that you have some shelter from the sun.
  • Build a small pond with a fountain to add the soothing sound of water to your outdoor space.

The good news is that you do not need a big check book to take on these DIY Projects and whats more, the projects can be done in your own timeline. Always try to complete one before starting the next. It is also a good idea before you start, to make a list of all you need so that frustration does not stop you continuing. Often you will find that a professional in the DIY department of big stores, have someone there who will be able to offer you a tip or two. Don’t be shy to ask for help when doing DIY Projects.

If you would prefer to move than to improve, then Please me a call and I will help you find the perfect home!

Call Michael a call 704-975-4651 or email

Real Estate Investor – Is Now the Time?

October 27th, 2017

Investor – Is The Right Time, Now?

Investor making money in real estateInvestor, Is now the time to find the best Real Estate deals?  Flippers, are you able to buy, with selling in mind? With some stability in the market place after a busy summer season it may just be the right time to look for that investment property. The summer season saw homes under contract on the day they launched, with the Sellers getting multiple offers and quick uncomplicated sales. Now we are seeing the “cooling off ” period with left over homes from summer sitting on the market. Could this be the time to buy right?

There are many factors to consider and each person’s individual long and short term goals, as well as their risk tolerance differ.  As a real estate agent, it’s my job to go over all the factors and help the investor make the best decision to suit their needs.

Considering Your Investment

Whether you are a seasoned investor or not, these are some of the items that need to be clarified and considered before you go buy.

  • First you have to evaluate your buying power. 
  • How much cash do you have to put down? 
  • Lenders may want to see at least a 20% downpayment for a non-owner occupied property. 
  • Get pre-approved and find out exactly how much you can buy for.  
  • Is there equity in your existing mortgage that you could use to purchase an investment? 

Building Your Portfolio

If you are a new investor and you have never owned before, buy something affordable, live in it for two years and then turn it into a rental and buy something else.  Keep doing that and grow your portfolio and your wealth. The answer to a great investment is in the buying – if you buy right, you can sell right.

Risk Tolerance


  • How much of a risk are you prepared to take?
  • Is your down payment all your liquid cash?
  • Are you going to stress over investing all your not knowing how long it may be before you can liquidate the asset and possibly move on to the next?
  • How close are you to retirement? 
  • How does investing fit into your personal budget and lifestyle? 

Investor, Are You Ready?

The new Investor may get excited about buying and when a market cools down and the seasons change it can be the perfect opportunity to purchase that bargain. Investor, If you purchase that property and you aren’t ready financially, you could be stretching your finances, even your retirement to the max.  How would that affect your lifestyle? What happens if your tenant should skip on the rent and you need to pay the mortgage – would you be comfortable with that for a month, or two or three?

It Takes Patience

Not every home that has been on the market for a long time will be a good investment. Not every foreclosure, short sale or FSBO is a great deal.  It takes a lot of patience to find the right property. Skill and market knowledge are high on the list to find the right investment.

Do The Numbers Work?

Investor, do your homework. Once your monthly mortgage and property expenses are paid, are you going to break even? No? If not, how many years before you will break even? Can you carry the investment financially or not?  Is it the right investment for you? If the rental income can grow in a short period of time, it could be worth the risk. 

Of course there are other factors to consider. If there are good schools, great neighborhoods, up and coming demand for the area, and few properties available, then it could be a great investment.  

Understand The Real Estate Market

Before jumping into a purchase, take the time to understand the market. Don’t rely on random information to make big financial decisions.  Sign up with an experienced agent to find out about property trends in the areas you are considering.  Get setup on a listing alert, so that you know when new properties that meet your criteria come onto the market. This will help you understand the market really well and help you find the right investment property.

Monitor the Rental Market

Create a spreadsheet of the rental properties for various areas that could be your target market. Its good to become accustomed to the rental values – they are important when doing your numbers. Remember the neighborhoods that are in high demand. Note what features the homes that rent for the highest figures have. For the investor, these factors may influence your property purchase.

Flipping a Property

Flipping a property is a whole different ball game. It takes great skill and wide range of knowledge as well as a higher tolerance for risk and capital outlay.  If you plan to rehab the property yourself, be sure of your costs and repairs. You need to have vision and then a plan going forward. Whatever your time period allocated, add more time. The same goes for the budget. It is easy to blow the budget – keep the end in sight. You really have to know your numbers and understand the market.  Flipping is not for the faint hearted.

As an investor considering a real estate investment – this may just be the right time. 

It does not matter whether you are an investor or a flipper. I look forward to working with you and to discuss your goals.  Give me a call 704-975-4651 or email I have the experience and the eye for a great deal. Let me help you with the knowledge and expertise. 

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September Monthly Market Trends

October 13th, 2017

Best Halloween Festivals Fort Mill, Rock Hill and Nearby Locations

September 26th, 2017

Halloween is on our doorsteps literally and its time to dress our Porches and welcome the neighborhood to share in this family tradition. As Halloween is a time of sharing and caring we need to consider the children who cannot enjoy sweets and nuts, add a few non food items like glow bracelets, sidewalk chalk, silly putty, fun straws, small balls etc and take part in the Teal Pumpkin Project. If you are not sure how to let kids who suffer from allergies know that you have a treat for them too, then take a browse through Pinterest and see all the fun Pumpkins and signs they have for your porch. It can be a wonderful awareness and learning project for children in your own family and give all children a chance to partake in a fun event

Halloween festivals with a House, Cat, Ghost and Pumpkins

As we lead up to Halloween – Fort Mill, Rock Hill and Lake Wylie have several festivals and things to do taking place over the next few weeks. Put some of these items onto your calendar and enjoy the beautiful Fall weather we are still experiencing.

Scarowinds – always a fun event!

Pumpkin Patches, Farm Tours, Hay Bales, Markets, Mazes and More –

Cotton Hills Farm Chester SC

Bush ‘n Vine Farm York County

Anne Springs Greenway Fall Frolic

Scarecrow Crawl Fort Mill SC – From the 9th to the 31st October Fort Mill is having a Scarecrow Crawl where you get to walk along a route and see the Scarecrows dressed by local businesses and even vote on your favorite!

Baxter Village Fall Festival and Day Market Saturday 29th October from Noon to 6pm, with the kids costume contest taking place at 1-45pm. Music and evening entertainment at Beef o’Brady’s from 6pm.

(Will add a link when details are added to the Baxter Website)

Tega Cay Fall Festival – 29th October 11-5pm at the Golf Club and Conference Center

Rock Hill Boo-HaHa Festival Tuesday 31st October at Fountain Park

Please keep checking back for more information which will be updated as we hear about it. If you know of any Halloween type Fall festivals, Please let us know!